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The programme of the XII edition of FESCIGU has 10 sections. You can access the sheet of any short film participating in any of them by clicking on the thumbnails of this directory.

Travel Agency

In this section we suggest a travel, without moving away from your armchair, to another countries and other realities which aren't usual in news. Because there are cuntries, situations, conflicts worthwhile to know, even although they are not the focus of tourism or media attention.

Acabo de tener un sueño
Acabo de tener un sueño Javier Navarro Montero
Fiction:::7 min.:::Spanish and Arabian
Animal Park
Animal Park AFEA
Documentary:::8 min.:::French, Kinande and Italian
Atrapados Oskar Tejedor
Fiction:::16 min.:::Spanish
Los niños de Pashupatinath
Los niños de Pashupatinath Leandro Solari and Argi Grau
Documentary:::20 min.:::English and Nepalese

Green Sprouts

A place for ecology, for learning to respect the environment and its inhabitants. Because our world needs we to learn to love it and take care of it, or it's rather us, as species, who need to do it if we are to survive.

El caso Sarayaku
El caso Sarayaku Arturo Hortas
Documentary:::29 min.:::Spanish and Kichwa
Otsoko Ander Iriarte
Fiction:::14 min.:::Euskera
Sin collar
Sin collar Emilio Martínez-Borso
Documentary:::15 min.:::Spanish

Films that Understand

Two men or two women who love each other. Or that wish each other. Why there's so much people who feels threatened for something like that? It's not infectious, and even if it were, nothing happens.This section aims to help to normalize homosexuality as other forms of free relationship between people, discarding homophobic and reactionary patterns.

Desnudos José Antonio Cortés Amunarriz
Fiction:::12 min.:::Spanish
Hoy quiero confesar
Hoy quiero confesar Manuel Aguilar
Fiction:::15 min.:::Spanish
Moiré Juancho Bañuelos and Estefanía Cortés
Fiction:::14 min.:::Spanish
The dazzling destiny
The dazzling destiny Marco Laborda Matachana
Fiction:::13 min.:::Without dialogues

Alcarria Short Fims Screening

We welcome this show of local cinema, engage with FESCIGU during the first editions. This time, we bring you 7 short films; you will be able, now and again, to recognize actors and locations from here, but, most important, you will view stories that our filmmakers care.

28708 Óscar Bachiller Higuera
Documentary:::5 min.:::Spanish
El hombre de la habitación roja
El hombre de la habitación roja Daniel Ramírez
Fiction:::14 min.:::Spanish
Hai Mario Lizondo and Cristina Cardín
Fiction:::3 min.:::Chinese
Mayores 2.0
Mayores 2.0 Residencia AMMA El Balconcillo and Contrapicado Films
Fiction:::7 min.:::Spanish
Poker party pang pang
Poker party pang pang Jacinto Solanas Jiménez
Fiction:::5 min.:::Spanish
Tarot Laura Benito
Fiction:::13 min.:::Spanish
Zas Luis David Pedroviejo
Fiction:::4 min.:::Spanish

Splitting Pears

We wanted to make a love section, but films programmed here are about breaking up (as we say in Guadalajara, "partir peras"). Loving relationships have mostly an expiration date, and it depends of us how we manage it, the level of trauma and what remains afterwards: a nice friendship or a deep resentment. We always bet for a positive and reconciling attitude.

2:43 Héctor Rull
Fiction:::10 min.:::Catalan
Caretos Luis Sánchez-Polack
Fiction:::5 min.:::Spanish
Cristales Juan Ferro
Fiction:::18 min.:::Spanish
Nosotros, que nos queremos tanto
Nosotros, que nos queremos tanto Iñaki Reyna
Fiction:::7 min.:::Spanish
Similo Zacarías & MacGregor
Fiction:::22 min.:::Spanish

Official Shorts Section

We offer 28 short stories choosen by our selection committee from the 777 european shorts we have received this year. They are the best among the best and we encourage you to participate by voting to choose your favorite short. Each year, our seleccion is positioning FESCIGU as a lider festival regarding to quality of programmation. Unfortunatelly, many works couldn't be here, but many of them, the best of them, have been selected in the other sections.

An der tür
An der tür Miriam Bliese
Fiction:::5 min.:::German
Argile Michaël Guerraz
Fiction:::18 min.:::French
Bahar im Wunderland
Bahar im Wunderland Behrooz Karamizade
Fiction:::16 min.:::Kurdish, German and English
Bikini Óscar Bernàcer
Fiction:::17 min.:::Spanish
Cebra Félix Fernández de Castro
Fiction:::10 min.:::Spanish
Cólera Aritz Moreno
Fiction:::6 min.:::Spanish
Cuerdas Pedro Solís García
Animación:::11 min.:::Spanish
Deja moo
Deja moo Stefan Müller
Animación:::10 min.:::English
Efímera Diego Modino
Fiction:::18 min.:::Spanish
Eine gute geschichte
Eine gute geschichte Martin Christopher Bode
Fiction:::20 min.:::German
Eskiper Pedro Collantes
Fiction:::14 min.:::Spanish
Flash Alberto Ruiz Rojo
Fiction:::7 min.:::Without dialogues
Foley artist
Foley artist Toni Bestard
Fiction:::18 min.:::English
Heshtje Bekim Guri
Fiction:::4 min.:::Albanian
Inside the box
Inside the box David Martín-Porras
Fiction:::14 min.:::English
La otra cena
La otra cena Albert Blanch
Fiction:::13 min.:::Spanish
La Ropavejera
La Ropavejera Nacho Ruipérez
Fiction:::28 min.:::Spanish
Les brigands
Les brigands Antoine Giorgini
Fiction:::17 min.:::French
Matka Lukasz Ostalski
Fiction:::30 min.:::Polish
Mi momento
Mi momento Mikel Bustamante
Fiction:::3 min.:::Spanish
Onemoretime Vualá! de animaciones
Animación:::4 min.:::Without dialogues
Où je mets ma pudeur
Où je mets ma pudeur Sébastien Bailly
Fiction:::20 min.:::French
Pflegestufe Julia Peters
Fiction:::20 min.:::German
Sájara Juanan Martínez
Fiction:::19 min.:::Spanish
Sequence Carles Torrens
Fiction:::20 min.:::English
Skin Cédric Prévost
Fiction:::13 min.:::French
Sous nos empreintes
Sous nos empreintes Eduardo Sosa Soria
Fiction:::20 min.:::French
Y otro año, perdices
Y otro año, perdices Marta Díaz de Lope Díaz
Fiction:::15 min.:::Spanish

Senseless Violence

We seem to live in a world in which violence is an inheret part of society. There is much to discuss about this thesis, but in any case it is clear that violence begets hatred and suffering. In this section we give an space for violence, but not for enjoying it, but for learning to repudiate it, as one of the biggest burdens of mankind.

Ánimo, valiente
Ánimo, valiente Jesús Noa
Fiction:::7 min.:::Spanish
Canis Marc Riba and Anna Solanas
Animación:::17 min.:::Without dialogues
Not anymore: a story of revolution
Not anymore: a story of revolution Matthew VanDyke
Documentary:::14 min.:::English
Safari Gerardo Herrero
Fiction:::14 min.:::English
The fall
The fall Kristof Hoornaert
Fiction:::15 min.:::Dutch