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In recent years our governments have adopted a political line contrary to supporting cultural initiatives as FESCIGU. As a result, the festival budget has declined over the past five years more than 80%, making its continuity very complicated. So to keep our project alive, we need your support.

If you want to help FESCIGU go on, you can do this in several ways:


This campaign, published in Verkami, ended on 28th July and we have gathered €4,000. You are welcome to make a donation by bank transfer (detailing in the concept "donation with reward") and we will keep the same rewards for you.

Colabora con el FESCIGU a través de Verkami

Word of mouth

Spread our crowdfunding campaign to your friends via Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, or send e-mails, sms or whatsapp to your contacts. Difunde nuestra campaña

Donate by bank transfer

Support the festival with a donation by bank transfer. Use this data:
La Caixa
La Caixa Account:
CCM Account:
The account holder is Asociación Cultural Cinefilia, CIF G19163021. When transferring, you can write "Donation" in the concept of the bank transfer, and then, if you wish, your name.

Make a donation by PayPal

You can donate the amount you want. However, you should know that PayPal has a commission of 3.4% + €0,35 for payments of up to 2,500 euros, and therefore it is not the recommended method of payment.

Sponsoring FESCIGU

Currently, many companies offer us their support, essential to take forward each new edition. If you think your business can be useful for organizing the festival, or if you wish to contribute with a certain amount of money, contact us and tell us your idea. FESCIGU will try to reward your effort by offering you various advertising media to publicize your sponsorship to our audience.

Patrocina el FESCIGU

Work as a volunteer at FESCIGU

We need people like you, willing to lend a hand in some of the many tasks involved in organizing the FESCIGU: mailshot, room attendants, catering, decoration, drivers... We also need people with experience in video editing and cameraman, interpreters with knowledge of English and Spanish, web programmers, press officers, experts in social networks, etc. If you think you can bring something to FESCIGU, contact us. Trabaja como voluntario