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Over the past few years our governments have adopted a political line contrary to the support of cultural initiatives like FESCIGU. Therefore, grants for the festival have dropped more than 80% in the last years, thus making its continuity really complicated. That is why our project needs your support to continue live. If you want lend a hand lend a for the survival of FESCIGU, you can do it in many ways.

If you want to help FESCIGU, keep going, you can do this in several ways:

Participate in our crowdfunding campaign

If you want to support FESCIGU, you can do it and you will benefit from the compensations we offer. Choose the reward or rewards you want, depending on your donation, and follow the steps you will find bellow in order to formalize your donation.


Make a donation for the festival

You can make your donation in any of these three ways:

If you want to make a donation in kind, contact us to see if your support may be helpful to us.


There are many companies that support us, which is essential to get each new edition ahead. If you think your company can be useful for organizing the festival, or if you wishto donate some money, contact us and tell us about your idea. FESCIGU will try to reward your effort by offering various advertising media to show our audience your patronage.

Patrocina el FESCIGU

Work as volunteer in FESCIGU

We need people like you, willing to lend a hand in some of the many tasks involved in organizing FESCIGU: mailing, hall attendants, catering, decoration, drivers... Additionally, we need people with experience in video editing and camera ENG, English interpreters, web developers, social media experts, etc. If you think you can contribute in some way to FESCIGU, contact us. Trabaja como voluntario

¡Thanks for supporting FESCIGU!

The steps to formalize your contribution are as follows:

Decide your contribution.
Fill the form with your contact details.
Make payment as you prefer.
Payment in hand.
En mano
Payment by bank transfer.

Payment by PayPal. PayPal
Spread our campaign with your contacts so that they can support the festival too and enjoy with its rewards.
Head over the FESCIGU, from 30th September to 4th October at the Auditorio Buero Vallejo, to pick up your reward; or, if you prefer, give us your address to send it to you by mail.

Entrega tu donativo en mano

En mano

Si deseas realizar tu aportación mediante un pago en mano, contacta con:

  • Montse de la Cal: 686 762 703
  • Alberto Sanz: 650 647 166

Haz tu donativo mediante transferencia bancaria

Transfernecia bancaria
La Caixa
Cuenta en La Caixa:
2100 8756 14 2100444964
(IBAN: ES36 2100 8756 1421 0044 4964)
Cuenta en ING-Direct:
1465 0100 95 1900131805
(IBAN: ES41 1465 0100 9519 0013 1805)

El titular de la cuenta es la Asociación Cultural Cinefilia, con CIF G19163021. Al realizar la transferencia, puedes poner en el concepto "Donativo" y a continuación tu nombre.

Haz tu donativo mediante PayPal

En mano
Si lo deseas, puedes usar esta plataforma como forma de pago. Sin embargo, has de saber que PayPal tiene una comisión del 3,4% + 0,35€, y por tanto un pequeño porcentaje de tu aportación no nos llegará; por eso, PayPal no es nuestro método de pago preferido.