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The Festival de Cine Solidario de Guadalajara is an event organized by the Cultural Association Cinefilia, based in Guadalajara (Spain).



Cinefilia conceives film, art and culture as tools for personal growth and, consequently, tools for the benefit of humanity. Thus, criticism, information about ignored conflicts, injustice denouncing, plurality, tolerance, reflection, social awareness, are always present in our projects. We want a better world, and we believe that films, art and culture can help us to get closer to that utopia.

The Festival de Cine Solidario de Guadalajara is imbued with this philosophy in all its programming, but with the premise of the cinematic quality of the works shown, banishing prejudice of social films as a boring, moralistic, predictable or cheesy genre.



Direction and coordination: Luis Moreno
First direction assistant: Montse de la Cal
Second direction assistant: Alberto Sanz
Production: Candy Díaz, Bea Moreno
Producción assistants: Chuchi Fraile, Lidu Díaz, Ainoa Martín, Carlos Bernal, Paco Ladera
Decoration: Montse de la Cal
Graphic desighn: Raquel Lozano
Editorial coordination: Luis Moreno
Interviewer: Montse de la Cal
Web: Luis Moreno
Audiovisual department: Fernando Fernández
Camera operators: Isra Calzado, Ana Castellano
Photography: Marian Useros, Candy Díaz
Presenter: Montse de la Cal
Stage manager: Juan Carlos Fernández
Catering: Techa Eventos
Selection comitee: Montse de la Cal, Alberto Sanz, Luis Moreno
Guest ONGs: DiDeSur, Intermón Oxfam, Ecologistas en Acción, Amnistía Internacional


The Festival de Cine Solidario de Guadalajara gets its funding primarily through the sponsorship of public and private entities that support this activity through financial or in-kind contributions. These are the sponsors of FESCIGU 2014:

Those entities that wish to join our sponsors may contact the festival organizers through our contact form.

QR Art Lab


QR Art Lab

The QR Art Lab, with a vision that combines art, technology and solidarity, aims to use QR codes as a canvas on which to create cutting-edge interactive artistic creations. Through exhibitions, competitions, lectures, workshops, games and more, we aim to explore the possibilities of this tool, which allows us to link the real world to the Internet, or send any information to an electronic device. The QR Art Lab is an event committed to our society, and therefore we give special attention to the transmission of high social contents.

La presa número 7

La presa número 7

Cinefilia's latest production is a thriller that tries to make us think about how welfare and consumer society catches us and prevents us from being free. Set in a time and place difficult to define, its dreamlike atmosphere surrounds us to avoid referring to a place or specific historical moment, conveying thus the universality and timelessness of the story.