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  1. The participation in the Short Films Official Section and the Requetecortos Section of FESCIGU is open to European filmmakers or those living in European countries, born before July 5, 1996.
  2. The maximum length of the short films is 30 minutes, and those not exceeding 6 minutes may also be selected in the Requetecortos Section.
  3. Fiction, documentaries and animation films will be accepted, specifically excluding video art Works and those with strong institutional, touristic or advertising approach. The topic is free, but Works which content makes advocacy of racism, sexism, xenophobia, intolerance, religious fanaticism and any kind of violence against humans and their environment, will not be accepted.
  4. The films submitted may have been made in any system, both video and film, including supports from new technologies, provided that the final result meets at least the PAL standards.
  5. A maximum of two short films per author will be accepted. They must have been completed subsequent to January 1, 2013. Works that have already been presented in previous editions of FESCIGU will not be accepted.
  6. The names listed in the Entry Form must match those listed in the credits. The organization assumes that the person submitting the work holds the distribution rights, so that participants are responsible in the event of breach of this requirement.
  7. A selection Committee will be in charge of select, from all the short films received, those which will contest. The Jury will announce its decision in the closing ceremony. The decisions of the Committee and the Jury are final.

  9. In order to participate in the selection process, applicants may enter their registration through the distribution platforms Movibeta, UptoFest or ClickForFestivals, seeking "Festival de Cine Solidario de Guadalajara" and making sure their records contain all the documentation detailed in the next point.
  10. In order to be considered for the competition, applicants must include in their record the following information:
    1. Title of the film in both, original and English version.
    2. Full name of the director or directors.
    3. Gender of the short film: fiction, documentary or animation.
    4. Date of the premiere.
    5. Timing (in minutes).
    6. Original language.
    7. Synopsis.
    8. Country of production.
    9. Place of shooting.
    10. Details for contacting the director: phone number and e-mail (these data will remain private).
    11. Details for contacting the distributor: name of the company*, contact person, phone number*, web*, e-mail* (data with asterisk will be public).
    12. Place and year of birth of the authors.
    13. Short biofilmography of the directors.
    14. Crew list, including, at least: cast, production company, distribution company, executive producer, scriptwriter, director of photografy, editor, visual effects, sound (direct/postproduction), music.
  11. The applicants must provide in their records, as well, the following documents:
    1. copy for ID Card or Passport of director or directors, as well as for the person who presents the work in competition, in jpg, png, tif, or gif format.
    2. three high quality photographs of the short film, in jpg, png or tif format.
    3. a picture of the director or directors (minimum 800 x 600 pixels), in jpg, png, or tif format.
    4. a SRT1 file containing the subtitles of the short film, in Spanish or English, if the film is spoken in any language different to Spanish.
    5. any other documents of interest (pictures of the shooting, poster, datasheet, press book, list of awards, dialog list, making of, etc.)
  12. The deadline for registration is Friday 20th of June 2014 and works registered after this date will not be accepted.
  13. Short films will be presented in original version. Works spoken in other language than Spanish must attach a subtitle file (in SRT1 format) with dialogues in Spanish or English. Subtitles must not be embedded in the image.
  14. Participants who do not submit the documentation requested in the form and time described in these rules will be out of competition.
  15. In case a competitor wish to cancel the registration, he or she must communicate it by e-mail (fescigu@fescigu.com) before the close of the call for entries. From this date, contestants may not withdraw their works from the competition.

  17. The selection Committee will determine, among the submitted works, those short films that will be passed to the Official Section and the Requetecortos Section, which will be communicated to the interested parties before July 20.
  18. The authors of the selected works must send to the festival, before the Friday, July 25th, 2014, a high quality copy of the short film in a HD file (720p or 1080p). These copies may not contain embedded subtitles. Those films spoken in any language different to Spanish, must provide a subtitle file (in SRT1 or any other subtitle format) with dialogues in Spanish or English. These copies must meet the technical requirements specified in the Technical Document for Screening Copies: www.fescigu.com/2014/descargas/documentotecnicocopiasproyeccion_en.pdf.
  19. The copies will be sent by any online file hosting/sharing service, such WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive, etc.
  20. FESCIGU reserves the right to reject, once submitted, those copies that, in his view, do not meet technical conditions suitable for public exhibition.
  21. By the fact of participating, contestants give their consent for the dissemination of a fragment of his work (maximum two minutes) in order to give publicity to the event. This consent is understood of indefinite duration, provided that it is used for such purposes.
  22. The Jury will consist of various personalities from the world of culture and the film industry and its ruling, which is final, will be published during the awards ceremony.
  23. The works exhibited in the Short Films Official Section or the Requetecortos Section, once completed the festival, can be exhibited by FESCIGU in events held in Spain or other countries that have cultural exchange agreements.
  24. FESCIGU will release a DVD which might contain any of the selected short films, and whose purpose will be its distribution among sponsors of FESCIGU. Contestants expressly authorize such distribution of their works for this purpose.
  25. AWARDS

  26. The following awards are established:
    • First Prize of the Jury: €2,000 and a trophy.
    • Second Prize of the Jury: €1,000 and a trophy.
    • Special Audience Award: €500 and a trophy.
    • First Requetecortos Award: €400 and a trophy.
    • Second Requetecortos Award: €200 and a trophy
  27. No more than one of these awards may fall on the same film, always applying the greater Price for the winners.
  28. The participants undertake to collect the awards personally or by delegating to a relevant member of the team, after consultation with the Organization of the festival. The absence at the Awards Ceremony will mean the cancellation of the prize, even for the Audience Award and the Requetecortos Awards. Exceptionally, for authors residing more than 200 km. away, FESCIGU will accept their on-line presence, via videoconference or by sending a video apologizing for their absence. In this case, festival will send the prize to the person concerned, minus shipping charges.
  29. Cash prizes are subject to taxes established by Law. If not specified otherwise, the awards will be issued on behalf of the director of the film If he or she cannot go to the Awards Ceremony, FESCIGU will be accept that it is picked up by the person representing him or her in the event. In the case of short films with several directors, the award would fall on the first (in the order reflected in the registration), unless specified otherwise.
  30. The winning works and other short films selected will be published on a DVD that can be used exclusively with cultural non-profit purposes, without prior notice to its authors.

  32. The contestants who attend the screenings will receive a welcome pack, with promotional material and accreditation for access to all events organized by the Festival. FESCIGU will pay one night stay for two people for each selected short film.
  33. The presence of the contestants who attend the festival, or those representing them, is contingent upon their active participation in the programmed events (presentation of their short films, press conferences, interviews, etc.)

  35. The screenings will take place at Auditorio Buero Vallejo, located on Calle Cifuentes, 30, Guadalajara (Spain), from 30th of September to 4th of October 2014. The Closing Ceremony and Awards Ceremony will take place the last day of the festival.

  37. Works with a duration not exceeding 6 minutes that have not been selected in the Official Section, could participate in the Requetecortos Section if considered by the selection Committee. Awards for the winners of this section are detailed in the first point of the Awards section, and they shall be elected by the audience, through their vote.
  38. Among all registered works that have not been selected within the Short Films Official Section or the Requetecortos Section, the Organization will select the best works that stand out for their solidarity, social and demanding position. These works will be screened out of competition in the Committed Films Sections.

  40. These Regulations may be modified in some parts if so considered by the direction of the Festival, in order to ensure the proper functioning of the Contest, and in anticipation of imperatives that may be beyond of our control. In any case, the rules with definitive validity will be the last to be edited and published on our website before the Call for Entries deadline.
  41. These Regulations are an English translation of the Spanish original version. In case of contradiction in any of their points, due to a translation error, valid regulations are those from the Spanish version.

  43. Participating in the festival implies the total acceptance of these rules and the waiver of any legal claim. For any matter not listed therein or typographical errors, it will be addressed to the decision of the Festival.